Emily Grimmius


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Our Mission

"If you can read about it, and you can dream of it, you can succeed at it!"

Our mission is simple: to make sure every student in California, and the United States learns to read.  Literacy is the first step in a long path to educational and career success.  From entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, hairstylists, and plumbers, reading is paramount.  


Yet so often, our students do not have the confidence to embrace the challenges of reading nor the belief that they can accomplish their dreams.  Through tutoring, providing books to low-income communities, self-confidence presentations, and legislative advocacy, we can all help a student succeed.

We will not stop until every student has the book and tutor resources, self-confidence, and self-advocacy tools in hand to chase after their dreams.  California is the fifth largest economy in the world, and we spend the least on public education.  It's time for change.

The Work We Do

Read Dream Succeed was founded in 2019 by Emily Grimmius, who currently holds the title of Miss San Joaquin County 2020-2021 within the Miss California and Miss America Scholarship Organizations.  As a self-proclaimed book nerd, Emily wanted every student to enjoy reading and believe in even the most outlandish dreams.  Realizing that literacy and self-confidence are often lacking in under-funded communities, Emily got to work.

Today Read Dream Succeed provides books to students in need, and works to increase the number of community tutors available to students across California.  Emily works to increase public understanding of how complex today's literacy crisis is through social media, television appearances, and video content with partner organizations.  So far Read Dream Succeed has provided over 1,000 books directly to San Joaquin County students and we cannot wait to increase that number.  

During her school and community appearances, Emily's goal is simple: to make sure every student feels the confidence and belief in themselves that her parents gave her.  Every Californian and American student can read, dream, and succeed.