This sterling silver, 1 inch necklace represents what dreams kids can accomplish when they have adequate reading skills.  As a collaboration between Emily Pearl and Fashion Atomy, this necklace is a fundraiser for the start-up nonprofit Read Dream Succeed.

Emily Pearl serves California as Miss San Joaquin County and has dedicated her year(s) as a titleholder to ensuring that every student can read.  Emily is a product of what literacy skills can do. Because of her education, she was able to pursue her academic dreams and secure scholarship funding. 

Read Dream Succeed's mission is to provide lower-income students with reading materials in-home, and educate the public on the power of literacy.  But achieving success is so much more than reading: you have to believe in yourself! When a child has the self-esteem and confidence plus necessary literacy skills, they can achieve their dreams!


By purchasing a necklace, you are helping to fund the start-up costs for Read Dream Succeed.  This necklace is perfect for the librarian, teacher, educator, book nerd, or student in your life!


Pre-order today. $50 plus tax, s&h.

Read Dream Succeed Necklace

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Color: Silver