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New Year: Clear Mind Webinar

Happy New Year! 2020 is GONE and 2021 is here to stay! Whoopeeeee!! But let's be honest, you went a little kookoo during quarantine, right? Cooped up alone, or with kiddos trying to do zoom class, or maybe you just don't do well isolated from the rest of society. Well, I feel you.

That's why I decided to start 2021 off the right way, and get a little help from resource and skills experts. Because of this, the "New Year: Clear Mind" webinar was born! New Year: Clear Mind will be held Jan. 8th, 2021 from 6-7 p.m. Register: bit.ly/NewYearClearMind

Speakers will include yours truly, Hilary Crowley with the San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services, educational psychologist Darinisha Williams, Stockton City Councilwoman Christina Fugazi, and our incomparable Eileen Kim, Miss California 2019-2020. We'll discuss mental health and other resources available to access in the community, get a City COVID-19 update from Councilwoman Fugazi, hear about personal stories and advocacy from Eileen, and Darinisha Williams will discuss stress management, mindfulness, and how to conduct a check-in with your kids.

New Year: Clear Mind is FREE to ALL, and all Californians will benefit from attending. Join us this Friday, Jan 8th 2021 from 6-7 p.m. When you register, the webinar access link will be provided. Cheers to knocking 2021 out of the park!


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