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Country Artists to Discover

Hey y'all! I have been approached a couple times by up and coming country music artists on Instagram to listen to their music and connect. Whether it's actually them or their social media manager, I've discovered some new voices I like and (of course!) gained more Instagram followers. #MillennialWinningMoment

Taking this a step further, I thought I would share with all y'all my "Country Artists to Discover" list. Whether I found them on Instagram, by watching the Grand Ole Opry back on television, or the mandatory self-isolation YouTube deep dive, it's important to shed light on artists doing great things. And please, take a listen to their Spotify playlists or Youtube videos--it helps artists gain followers and attention with labels while also giving your something to do when you are bored at home. You're welcome.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I absolutely love Country Music. I grew up on it, and I fell in love with the powerful women of my personal favorite country decade--the 90's. Shania Twain and "Any Man of Mine" really set the bar high for any potential future husband. Pro Tip: Guys, go have a listen. You're welcome. And no, country music isn't all about drinking beer in the middle of a wheat field on a pickup tailgate.

The Vandoliers

The Vandoliers are a Dallas-Fort Worth mix of Americana folk, rebel sounds, and classic country. Songs like Sixteen Years incorporate a mariachi-sounding trumpet for an original sound that makes me want to get up and dance, while also appreciating their lyrical messaging. Also perfect for a road trip through the middle of the country, which I recently did. Thanks for sharing a bit of Texas with everyone at home.

@Instagram @Spotify

Kailey Abel

Okay, Kailey Abel is a current fabulous edition to #TeamBlake on the Voice! Connecting with her on Instagram was a ton of fun, and she is so sweet. You have to tune in to see how The Voice turns out! Whether she does pop, rock, or country music, her voice's deep raspy quality can inspire, haunt, and everything in between. Nashville, are you paying attention? No matter what Kailey needs a record deal. At just 19, she also wants to pursue a music therapy education, and was inspired to by her own brother's music therapy. You can learn more about Kailey through The Voice video below, but also check out her Instagram and Spotify for some of her other songs!

@Instagram @Spotify

Sam Williams

Sam is the grandson of Hank Williams Sr., and the last son of Hank Williams Jr. Just like his father and grandfather before him, his lyrics tell a story in a way only country music can. At 22 Sam recently had his debut on the Grand Ole Opry and shared a new Williams sound that blends classic country instruments with a modern vibe. As a fan of classic country, this is the direction I hope country music will take in the 2020's. I've attached a video below of my favorite song so far, a note to the grandparents Sam never knew "The Lost Grandchild's Plea". Also check out "Weatherman" and "Gemini" on Spotify for Sam's individual sound. Country radio, will you please play Sam's music?

@Instagram @Spotify

Cooper Alan

Cooper Alan has some great singles out on Spotify right now, and with a voice that sounds like a smooth Toby Keith, you won't have a problem listening on a #coronavirus evening. His new song "Warm Beer" is perfect for the state of 2020 right now. Whether it's political polarization or a shared struggle with Coronavirus and the economy plunging into unknown depths of despair, "Warm Beer" has a universally united message. The main hook to the song is "everybody hates warm beer". With a rich, deep country voice and a positive message, I can't wait to hear more from Cooper Alan. Check out his social media and Spotify below for songs like "15 to 12". Below, you'll find the cartoon lyric video to "Warm Beer". It's great humor for these troubled times. Can't wait to see more of Cooper's style!

@Instagram @Spotify

Drop me a post comment, email, or social media DM and tell me what you think of these artists! I'd love to hear your thoughts, and any other country artists you appreciate or have discovered recently. Have fun listening and stay safe!

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